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…runner's journal/diary
…chance to learn more truths about Steve Prefontaine, my brother.
…way to view samples of Steve’s workouts from his own journals.
…look at Coos Bay, Oregon where Steve first started his running career.
…book to inspire and motivate you.
…tool for coaches to track progress of their athletes.
…simple way to monitor progress towards achieving your goals.
…handy size to take anywhere (6x9 spiral ring bound)
…perfect gift!
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“I absolutely LOVE the journal. I love the simplicity of the spaces to write your workouts in. I love the detail of the quotes and the pictures. The journal is going to inspire me for my running. I'm excited to get it into the hands of kids and adults.”—Melody Fairchild, the greatest female high school distance runner in U.S. history, and founder of the Melody Fairchild Running Camp in Colorado.

THE PRE LOG won’t make you get out the door on a cold morning, but it will help motivate you to get yourself out the door. THE PRE LOG is an essential asset for any runner serious about his or her running.”—Tom Jordan, author of PRE: The Story of America’s Greatest Running Legend

On The Track
Silver – $70.00
Bronze –$45.00
A beautiful oxidized unisex pendant that includes black adjustable cotton cord.
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On The Beach
A selectively oxidized and textured sterling silver unisex pendant that includes a Carnelian Stone and comes with black adjustable cotton cord.  
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In The Mountains
Sterling silver unisex pendant includes black adjustable cotton cord.

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        18" x 26"
Original painted in 1971 by Linda Ring (Whitney)
This poster is a piece of history duplicated on quality, canvas stock paper that gives the look and feel of the original painting.

The reproduction includes an inspirational quote from Linda…The Spirit is a Very Powerful Thing”

Autographed by Linda Prefontaine
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PRICE:  $15.00  Special–$10.00 
4-sided folio, plus three laminated bookmarks
8 1/2 x 14 – folded to 8 1/2 x 7
Autographed by Linda Prefontaine
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